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A way to balance




Why on Earth did I want to write this book?

Because I wanted to pass on to others my experiences, my successes and my failures, but most of all the solutions I had found.
My hope was and still is that it could be of help and support for other people, my brothers. In this transmission work, I feel that all the years of my medical profession have been very important, always dealing with human problems and suffering, trying to mediate between western and oriental medicine. If we think that I started studying Taoism and Acupuncture at the age of 17, before going to the University of Medicine, we easily understand that there are forces that influence and guide our life, always. Even if everyone else around you is going in an opposite direction, something inside pushes you and whispers: “Go on. I’m with you.” It is not by chance that the medicine that I have been practicing is founded on this principle, basic teaching of so many past masters: to help the others to overcome their difficulties, making them self-sufficient, in every way. That’s what pushed me to write this book.

In the past, I have wanted to publish it anonymously, for a number of reasons. But since 2014 many things have happened, and the “little voices” who suggested that behavior to me, today tell me that maybe now I’m ready to appear as the author, despite many dangers still exist. And my intelligence and my feelings agree.

Therefore, with the necessary changes, you can read it in his true and real form.


M.D. Maurizio Romoli